Thursday, March 5, 2009

The final nail in this coffin

I just caught the final minutes of Pro 8 oral argument in the California Supreme Court. It sounded like a valiant effort that's going down in flames. Justice Joyce Kennard was flashing unmistakable signals about which way she's leaning - against us. From the anguish in the voice of a valiant gay woman lawyer who was the last to argue I have the sense that the majority will follow Kennard. This has not been a good day for the GV community.

This country is fucked. I say this even though we elected Barack Obama. Republicans have brought us to the brink of ruin and they're still at it. Just look at the Republican brick wall Obama is facing in Congress and the spectacle Republican leadership genuflecting to kiss the ring of Rush Limbaugh. We're fucked. There are so many stupid, bigoted people it's embarrassing to be an American.

As a transwoman, my consciousness of this issue is particularly acute as I become increasingly aware of how the male-female binary permeates society. OTOH, things are changing, and that's our only hope. If we couldn't persuade the California Supreme Court that a bare 51% majority should not be allowed to limit fundamental rights (like marriage) to a visible, undeniably persecuted minority (gays) then what really separates us from Nazi Germany? What use are is the hifalutin verbiage in which we wrap ourselves, deluding ourselves that we believe in the rule of law and concepts like 'fairness?'

The only hope now is that we can get an anti-Prop 8 voter incentive measure on the ballot soon and that the change in demographics since the last election will signal a different outcome. That means we need to limit the influx of antediluvian Latin American peasantry that continues to flood unabated into our state and to humiliate the superstitious and prejudiced black women who formed the core of 'religious' voters who more than any other voting bloc shot down gay marriage. Maybe they need a little re-education, a little vacation perhaps to a reconstituted slave plantation so they might regain an historical perspective and remember what it's like to live without civil rights.

Then again, I could be wrong. I hope so.